Use of the library

The Oxford Futures Library is a reference library without borrowing facilities. Items may not be removed from the reading room.

Who may use the Oxford Futures Library:
The Library is open to futures and scenario planning researchers, and those interested in the work of Pierre Wack and Wayne I. Boucher.

Arranging your visit:
The Library is open by appointment only. Please contact the staff to make an appointment, stating the reason for your visit. Please note that you will be asked to bring a recognised form of identification, such as a university library card, a driving licence or a passport.

Registering to use the Oxford Futures Library:
Anyone wishing to consult the collections will be asked to register on arrival, and required to agree to abide by the Data Protection Act 1998, current copyright legislation, and the terms and conditions of access stipulated here for use of the collections.

Access to the Oxford Futures Library is via a flight of steps. If you have particular access requirements, please let us know prior to making an appointment to ensure that we can provide you with the assistance you will need.

Opening hours:
The Library is generally available between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. However these hours may be subject to change, so please make sure that you leave a working contact number to cover for any unforeseen and unavoidable changes to the availability of the Library.

Laptops and PCs:
The Library has a PC on which you may search the Library’s catalogue of holdings. You may also bring your own laptop but please ensure that it is fully charged.

We regret that for security reasons, no bags may be taken into the Oxford Futures Library. Please consult with the Library Assistant on arrival if you would like to make use of the luggage store.

Food and drink:
No food or drink is permitted in the Library. The Egrove campus of SBS has a lunch catering service which you are welcome to use. Prior booking is required for use of this facility.

Handling the collection items:
We ask that you help us safeguard the collections by handling the materials with care, ensuring that documents are handled with clean hands – no hand lotions please – and are not damaged or marked. Please note that only pencils may be used for note-taking.

Returning items to the collection:
Many of the documents in the collection are housed in numbered boxes. To minimise loss or misplacement of collection documents, we ask that you consult one box at a time and keep items in their original order when returning them to their boxes and to the shelves.

The Pierre Wack Archive:
The private papers of Pierre Wack are separately stored in the Oxford Futures Library. Please request any of these private papers from the Library Assistant.

Acknowledging the Oxford Futures Library:
We welcome and encourage researchers to make use of these important collections, but request that any reference to, or use of any part of the collections, be fully acknowledged.

Photocopies and photographs:
Please note that there are no copying or scanning facilities within the Oxford Futures Library. At our discretion, you may be able to use a digital camera, but only for some parts of the collection and only for personal research use. Please inquire with the Library staff.

Use of Library content for publications or other non-private use:
Use of any part of the Oxford Futures Library in publications or for other non-personal use must first be cleared with the School and Green Templeton College.