The Oxford Futures Library is located at the Egrove campus of the Saïd Business School. The Library houses the Pierre Wack Memorial Library and the Boucher Futures Research Library, gifted to Green Templeton College by Napier Collyns and Dr Angela Wilkinson.

Green Templeton College and the Saïd Business School acknowledge the generous support of both Napier Collyns and Dr Angela Wilkinson in bringing these collections to the University of Oxford.


The Oxford Futures Library is permanently closed.

Due to recent storms, the room that has housed the Oxford Futures Library has had water seeping into the floor on a regular basis. It was determined that the Library could no longer remain in its current location. Combining the water issue with the forthcoming evacuation of the Egrove Park facility due to the development of the Global Leadership Centre, drove the decision to seek the best possible home for the longevity of the collections. The collections will be processed and sent to the Bodleian Libraries’ Book Storage Facility (BSF) in Swindon; an environmentally controlled facility that can protect the collections. Thus, the Futures Library will be available only by special request in advance, so that the needed materials can be brought into campus. The details of how this will work are still being sorted out.

Work to permanently rehome the collection has been further delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information will be posted here when possible.

Questions can be sent to execlibrary@sbs.ox.ac.uk.

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the website. The Art Kleiner Archive Catalogue, which describes the contents of a collection of letters, reports and other documents which was donated by renowned author, journalist, and editorial consultant Art Kleiner, to Green Templeton College, and deposited in the Oxford Futures Library. We hope you find this a useful addition to the website.