Using the library

From 2014-2020, the Oxford Futures Library was located at Saïd Business School’s Executive Education campus at Egrove Park.

Due to flood damage to the room which housed the collection, and the forthcoming evacuation of Egrove Park due to the development of the School’s Global Leadership Centre, the decision was made in 2020 to relocate it to the Bodleian Libraries’ Collections Storage Facility (CSF).

The CSF is an environmentally controlled facility which will help to protect the collection and ensure its longevity for future generations of researchers.

This relocation project was completed in September 2022.

Who can use the library?

The Oxford Futures Library is available to futures and scenario planning researchers, and everybody who is interested in the work of Pierre Wack, Wayne I. Boucher and Art Kleiner. If you are not a member of the University of Oxford, you must first apply for a Bodleian Reader card.

How can I access the Oxford Futures Library?

The CSF is a storage facility, not a library.

This means that individual books and/or boxes of archival materials must be requested from the CSF to a library in central Oxford. When an item has arrived in the library, it will be available for consultation. Items are strictly for reference only – they may not be taken away.

How do I request items?

Once issued with a Bodleian Reader card, you will have a Bodleian Libraries username and password.

Use these details to log in to our resource discovery tool, SOLO.

In SOLO, find the Oxford Futures Library book or archival box which you require. You can then request it to be delivered either to the Sainsbury Library at Park End Street or to the David Reading Room in the Weston Library on Broad Street. Books may also be requested to additional locations.

Items are usually delivered the next working day (Monday-Friday).

Request items to a library

Please note that only a limited number of items may be requested at a time, depending upon the items and your status. 

How will I know what to request?

Catalogues are available to download as MS Excel files for both the Pierre Wack Memorial Library and the Boucher Futures Research Library.

You can browse these catalogues, or search for keywords (e.g. “Shell”) using the Ctrl + F function.

To request a book, click on the link which is embedded within its title. This will take you to the book’s record on SOLO, from where you can request delivery.

Request items to a library

Similarly, next to each archival item (in Column A) is a box number, with an embedded link to the SOLO record for that box.

A descriptive catalogue, and links to the archival boxes on SOLO, are available to download separately for the Art Kleiner Archive.

How else can I find items?

It is possible to search directly for the title of a book or an archival box (e.g. “Oxford Futures Library. Boucher Futures Research Library. Box 62.”) in SOLO.

For more information about how to use SOLO, visit our SOLO guide.

Hard copies of catalogues for the Pierre Wack Memorial Library and Boucher Futures Research Library are available for consultation in the Sainsbury Library on request. Please ask a member of library staff.

Whom can I ask for help?

Please contact the Sainsbury Library:

  • Sainsbury Library
  • Saïd Business School
  • Park End Street
  • Oxford
  • OX1 1HP
  • +44 (0) 1865 288880