The Oxford Futures Library is available to futures and scenario planning researchers, and those interested in the work of Pierre Wack and Wayne I. Boucher.

Comprising two significant and complementary collections of futures and scenario planning practice and research, the Oxford Futures Library houses over 5000 items. Together the collections provide a unique and valuable insight into the nascence and continuing resonance of the discipline and its architects.

The Pierre Wack Memorial Library incorporates Pierre’s collection of books and accumulated archive material, together with his notes, drafts and published writings. Regarded as one of the founding fathers of scenario planning, Pierre Wack worked on projects for Royal Dutch/Shell, De Beers and Anglo American, among others. The Library was gifted by Napier Collyns and includes additional donations from colleagues at Shell Group Planning.

Wayne I. Boucher’s career included roles at the RAND Corporation, the Institute for the Future and The Futures Group, which he co-founded in 1971. Boucher’s Futures Research Library represents forty-five years of compilation and curation, and is accompanied by a catalogue offering his descriptive and critical annotations. Oxford is grateful to Angela Wilkinson for having acquired it.

Admission to the Library is by appointment only.